Sunday, September 15, 2019


By Anthony J. Whitehouse, CS

...but human existence claims that we are always subject to constraints, that joy and happiness can be curtailed. Human existence is a sense of absent freedom, a sense of being fettered.

In that one statement we see the whole of our practice is to realise that perpetual freedom from all sickness and limitation must be the status quo precisely because God's nature is perpetually free of all constraint. The Divine Mind is devoid of any sense of restraint, compromise or curtailment. It always operates unchained.

If we do not taste our own perpetual freedom it is because we neither understand God as the nature of perpetual freedom nor do we understand that that freedom is ours by way of reflection. We are what HE is, unfettered being.

We must not indulge sin because it curtails our freedom.

We are ALWAYS free as a matter of divine law since the Divine Mind is always free. That freedom is a function of the nature of the Divine Mind , not a function of our own reasoning.

Now look at the cost of not understanding the freedom inherent in the Divine Mind, as given to us by Mrs Eddy:

Jesus did his work, and left his glorious career for our example. On the shore of Gennesaret he tersely reminded his students of their worldly policy. They had suffered, and seen their error. This experience caused them to remember the reiterated warning of their Master and cast their nets on the right side. When they were fit to be blest, they received the blessing. The ultimatum of their human sense of ways and means ought to silence ours. One step away from the direct line of divine Science cost them — what? A speedy return under the reign of difficulties, darkness, and unrequited toil.
Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy p.212:6

The direct line of divine Science is perpetual freedom inherent in Mind.

The human so-called experience is only the fruit of the false belief that Mind can lose its sense of freedom. How can God demonstrate state His unfettered being to a mind which feels fettered and constrained ? That is the whole problem for mortal man. He needs to loose his belief in FETTERDOM in order to experience the unfettered nature or healing inherent in the Divine Mind.Mortal mind is perpetually plying us with scenarios which evidence fetterdom and lack. But these things can be set aside if only we drop the belief in fetterdom. Look what Moses achieved before the Red Sea when he refused to accommodate the belief in entrapment or lack of freedom. You are ALWAYS free.

Anthony J. Whitehouse, CS, is a Christian Science practitioner in Coppet, Switzerland. Connect with Anthony»

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


By Anthony Whitehouse, CS

This may seem like a terrible truism but I realized recently that ignoring this truth is endemic to the human mind. The human mind is obsessed with the idea both that there IS something beyond God i.e. outside of His remit and beyond as in the sense of outside of or further than. Surely there can be nothing further or beyond the infinite?

Let me set out the toxic nature of the thoughts this belief it engenders:
  • The situation in Syria is beyond the capacities of God to do anything about it
  • The state of our church and its members is beyond recovery. 
  • We are not going to survive
  • The chronic illness I have is beyond the power of God
  • Such is the behavior of my children that they seem beyond redemption
  • My old age and poverty seems totally beyond God’s salvation
  • Healing blindness and deafness is beyond God.
In all these thoughts where is the real problem? It is in the belief that there is something beyond God when of course this just cannot be the case.

And now the interesting and deceptive facet of the human mind comes into play. We have to realize that the only reason these apparent “unsolvable issues” exist is precisely because of the human belief in a “beyond. As hard as it may seem, we and others are simply the victim of a belief in the “beyond” because if we did not believe in a “beyond” then the evidence of that belief would not appear. Evil and error are the product of this belief.

Destroy the belief in a “beyond” and immediately thought sees the impossibility of anything standing in the face of an all-inclusive and immediate God who is omni-present. Instinctively you will start to sense the enormity of God’s infinite nature and His inclusiveness to the point that nothing can be outside of Mind. Everything must be included in Mind because God is Mind and there can be nothing BEYOND Mind.Error will still hold out the myth of “ beyondness” but that is all it can ever be. When we conceptually understand ( and we have to start with the conceptual construct ) that there is no “ out there” but only the ever-present here our sense of being is transformed because it is a sense of being which includes everything and excludes nothing. And although we may not fully appreciate how that sense of inclusiveness destroys the myth and evidence of “beyond” we should not hold back from applying the truth in question. Mankind needs to see our demonstration of inclusiveness in operation.We encounter one of the problems inherent in “beyondness “in the appearance of disease.

We are happily going about our daily routine only to find a large lump growing on our body. Our first reaction is “Where did that come from? “ And “How could that have happened “. The origin of the problem is shrouded in mystery. There seems to be no rational reason for its appearance. It seems “beyond” our understanding. This is where evil has effectively unfolded its own lie. It (the human mind) basically admits that the situation is beyond reason and cause i.e. God. The problem has appeared out of the great unknown or the “beyond “ and in admitting that to itself it allows the enlightened Christ consciousness to consign it straight back there with the understand that there is no “ beyond”.

You no longer have to accept the belief in a “beyond” either for yourself or others. If you don’t think that the destruction of this belief won’t have an impact you are in for a big surprise.

The principle that there is nothing beyond God is powerful because it has the nature of law. We know that Divine Law must have hegemony because it is His law and His laws necessarily impose themselves. When we know this as a matter of His law then we see the unfoldment, not because we understand how the law operates but because we know His law has dominion and does operate. I don’t know how the law of buoyancy operates but I know that it does operate. The same is true of the laws of God. There is nothing beyond His reign.

Anthony J. Whitehouse, CS, is a Christian Science practitioner in Coppet, Switzerland. Connect with Anthony»

Monday, September 9, 2019


By Anthony J. Whitehouse, CS

It is our bemusement with error, our curiosity with whether eating the forbidden fruit is really that big a deal which gets us into trouble. Rather than being bemused with error we need to dwell on absolute Truth and the perfection of being because, absent such dwelling, error will keep us well occupied with various intriguing bemusements. An activity formally known as mesmerism within the movement.

If you start experiencing stomach pains, the unprepared mind is going to start looking for causes and figuring out solutions, even metaphysical solutions, rather than avoiding the bemusement the challenge represents. After all, if you are rummaging around in an illusion, you are not dwelling on truth and perfection of being. It may appear legitimate to ask “how I am going to deal with this" but it is actually just bemusement. It is the bemusement that needs avoiding.

The man by the pool of Bethesda spent 30 years bemused by the idea of getting into the pool first. Jesus disabused him of such bemusement and he took up his bed and walked. So rather than trying to resolve an issue, avoid the bemusement it represents.

The word bemuse is interesting:

bemuse (v.)
"to make utterly confused, put into muse or reverie, muddle, stupefy," from be- + muse (compare amuse); attested from 1735 but probably older, as Pope (1705) punned on it as "devoted utterly to the Muses."

But the verb muse is more relevant to my argument

muse (v.)
"to reflect, ponder, meditate; to be absorbed in thought," mid-14c., from Old French muser (12c.) "to ponder, dream, wonder; loiter, waste time," which is of uncertain origin; the explanation in Diez and Skeat is literally "to stand with one's nose in the air" (or, possibly, "to sniff about" like a dog who has lost the scent), from muse "muzzle," from Gallo-Roman *musa "snout," itself a word of unknown origin. The modern word probably has been influenced in sense by muse (n.). Related: Mused; musing.

Anthony J. Whitehouse, CS, is a Christian Science practitioner in Coppet, Switzerland. Connect with Anthony»

A Prayer For This Week (September 9 - 15, 2019)

By Prayerful Living

I am so grateful that I recognize You “in the midst” of my being, God.
Mother Love, each day I draw myself closer to You.
I gain spiritual confidence through Your unfaltering, sustaining Love.
Divine Mind, I reflect the consciousness of Your illimitable, substantial ideas.
These right ideas constitute my supply.
Because I am Your idea, my true substance is Spirit, never matter.
I am never separated from Your infinite and immeasurable substance.
The knowledge of this oneness brings about healing.
Your true substance is manifested in spiritual understanding and Christly living,
which come as a result of my prayer, study, and regeneration.
I dwell in the consciousness of peace, joy, and contentment.
This evidence of You, Father-Mother, gives me faith.
And so it is, Amen.

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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Treatment Ideas for September 7, 2019

By Julio C. Rivas, CS

...holy, the Lord of hosts, the whole earth is full of his glory. — KJ, Is. 6: 3
And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. ... 4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. — KJ, Acts 1: 2, 4

Concord/Healing: All-Love-Power, You permeate all being with Your excellence. Hence, Pentecostal moments are those wherein we submit to our inward God-excellence. This releases such spiritual energy that our bodies, sentiments and behavior become Your utterance.

Julio C. Rivas, CS, is a Christian Science practitioner in Los Angeles, California. Connect with Julio»

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

A Prayer For This Week (September 2 - 8, 2019)

By Prayerful Living

Divine Spirit, You are my creator, the only source.
I give up the false picture of life in matter.
Through meekness and purity that pierce the Adam mist,
I awaken to my spiritual selfhood and behold the light of Truth.
As I gain an understanding that I am Your idea, the image of Love,
I wrestle with material belief until its unreality dawns on me.
Your angel messengers reveal my true nature.
I drop personal sense for Christlike thinking and living.
God, good, is my true heritage – not the laws of heredity.
Through You, divine Love, I have been spiritually reborn.
Thank You, Father-Mother for Your blessing of
radiant joy, eternal beauty, and immutable peace.
And so it is, Amen.

Friday, August 30, 2019

A prayer of protection


Dear Lord Precious Lord, God of the heavens: nature and all that You have created are truly awesome, Lord. Often, we; take these wonders for granted. Teach us to cherish all of your gifts.

Try as we might, we know that we cannot control the oceans, the mountains, the weather. We also firmly believe that ever since the time of Noah, You do not send floods, make the earth shake, or dispatch weather formations, such as hurricanes, as warnings or punishments.

So we ask, as this hurricane approaches land and approaching our brothers and sisters, that You shelter all who will be in its path. Watch over everyone, their loved ones, friends, and fellow people, many of whom are preparing to evacuate. Guard them as they prepare, perhaps to leave their homes again. Give them strength, courage, and resolve to ride out this storm; answer their prayers and ours that they be blessed with goodness and be spared from harm.

Blessed are You, Source of Life and Nature, whose awesome power and strength fill our world and inspire us to be strong in the face of all of life's difficulties.

- Rabbi Fred Guttman