Monday, July 22, 2019

A Prayer For This Week (July 22 - 28, 2019)

By Prayerful Living

God, help me to quiet my thought.  
I listen for Your Truth, the sound of gentle stillness, the whisper of reality.
I strive to shut out the clamors of the material senses.
How I long for a Truth-filled mind.
“Here I am, Lord.” Lead me in Your Truth.
I am blessed to hear Your “still small voice” of Truth, Father God.
What You speak, God, is living and active. I am spiritually awakened.
Like raindrops, the Truth of Your law nourishes, refreshes and sustains me.
I know that Truth is the only actual consciousness and I am at one with it.
The seed of Your Word is very near, God,
planted deep in the rich soil of my soul. Your Truth is in my heart.
May Your Christ, show me the way, that I might walk in it and glorify You.
Thank you for Your inexhaustible reservoir of blessings in Truth, Mother God.
Day and night I worship You “in spirit and in Truth.”
And so it is, Amen.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Truth of Unconditional Being

By Ken G. Cooper

Now don't let a condition try to tell you how you are
Or give a sense of time and space and just how long or far.
For what makes a condition is merely a mortal scheme:
It's a lie, a misconception, - part of the Adam dream.

Wake up! You're in the Absolute, where God and man are One,
Where this is the Truth of Being, where matter there is none.
A condition can't exist: for the fact must ever be
That what is true is always true: and Truth makes man so free! *

There's simply no condition or temptation to attract.
God's Freedom universal. It's simple. Hold this fact.
So recognise reality: accept just what is true:
God’s Truth is unconditional, made manifest as you.

*John 8:32
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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Elijah and the Still Small Voice

By Ken G. Cooper

[1 Kings 19:7-12]

My life in danger, to this cave I have fled:
My God has provided and given me bread;
For foes seek my life to take it away,
So, scared to go out, and affrightened, I stay.

“What doest thou here, Elijah?” rings in thought 
“Is this hiding what service to God has now brought?”
 But the enemy’s strong, too strong for just me:
“Go forth and stand forward: My message you’ll see!”

A great and strong wind gusts with power and might; 
It blows down huge rocks from their mountainous height.
They crash to the ground, and their impact is clear,
But deep down I know that the Lord is not there. 

An earthquake shatters the rocks all around
And chasms appear in the trembling ground.
The power is awesome as I stand and stare,
But the message remains: the Lord is not there. 

A fire bursts forth, and with flame the land lit:  
The landscape burns bright, and rocks blister and split.
 There seems no escape from this heat everywhere,
But once more this knowledge: the Lord is not there.  

A strange calm replaces the forces that raged:
An infinite stillness that time never aged.
My fears fall away, for a voice sure yet small
Says clearly within me. “Fear not. God is All”.

Let quietness and stillness be my assured choice,
For only in listening can I hear God’s voice:
No matter what challenge attacks, gives alarm,
I know now so clearly, with God, there’s no harm.

God says: “I am LIFE, omnipotent, ALL,
I hold you secure: and you never can fall.
The tender touch of My infinite power
Is always besides you. I'm with you each hour.” 

And just like both Moses and Joseph before,
God now directs me and I do that much more.
His radiant glory enlightens my way,
With God I go forward. I cannot just stay.

Oh, show me dear Father the way I must go,
To share with Thy children the Love all must know, -
I will listen, and follow Your Word, Your Voice:
It speaks the Truth only: in that I rejoice! 

I will hear what God the Lord will speak: (Psalms 85: (to 1st:) 

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Prayer For This Week - (July 15 - 21. 2019)

By Prayerful Living

God, You are the wellspring of life,
the source of all being.
You are the living, loving God, the everlasting King.
Divine Life, knowing You, I am spiritually alive.
I strive to live above corporeal sense and do Your will.
I am awake to Your reality now, which is eternal life.
I know that death is only an illusion.
I am in fellowship with You, Father,
and with Your beloved son, Christ Jesus.
Glimpsing the truth of what real Life is
— perfect and indestructible — I am blessed.
And so it is, Amen.

Monday, July 15, 2019


By Ken G. Cooper

[Acts 9:36-43]

Some people seem to be just naturally good. My dear friend Tabitha was one such person. Always quick to help others. We’d been neighbours for many years, and I often helped with all the selfless charity work she did, - she naturally encouraged support and was a joy to be with.  I still wear an oh so beautiful garment she made me. When she gave it to me I cried and we hugged, and I have felt part of her family ever since.  She is a constant support and so much loved.

This year everything miraculously changed and moved forward! Events in Jerusalem concerning this man Jesus were on everyone’s lips, - some from our village had been in Jerusalem for the Passover.  My friend Thomas had seen him crucified, but later heard that Jesus had risen from the dead and been seen by many people.  Thomas stayed on, and was in Jerusalem when the apostles, led by Peter, received the Holy Ghost and began to heal people.  Two of the apostles came to Joppa, broadcasting the good news of the Gospel, that Jesus had risen from the dead, and had now ascended, at one with his Father, that the kingdom of heaven was indeed at hand! I was with Tabitha at the time, and we both became Christians along with many others. We now understood the source of the love we had always shared. Somehow Tabitha became even more productive, - there probably wasn’t a street in Joppa where her love and handiwork were not known. As a light shining in the darkness, everyone recognised her, and we were blessed by all she did.

Then the impossible happened. One day fine and laughing with all of us as she shared her alms deeds with some of the poor, she was suddenly stricken with sickness, became confined to her bed, and most unwell. I stayed with her, nursed her, we prayed as best we could, but it was to no avail. My dear Tabitha breathed her last. No one could believe it. We looked at her lifeless body and wept with disbelief and anger and frustration.

With the agreement of her close friends, I washed her body and then we moved her up to the upper chamber of her house, laying her peacefully on the bed.  I prayed to God for understanding, went though in my mind all the good things she had done, suddenly recognising they were immortal, could never be taken away, and despite the evidence before us, her goodness was also everlasting, but it didn’t stop my tears.

Life went on, as it always did. Someone came from Lydda, full of news that Peter was there, - Thomas knew him, and was immediately interested wanting to see him again. Peter had just healed someone called Aeneas of his lameness.  I dared to think. What could he do here? We needed his support, his Christly vision. I urged Thomas to take someone with him and ask Peter if he would urgently come here to Joppa, but not to say why. His thought would be open, and it would remain for Thomas and his friend to usher him into the upper chamber. There was such a gathering of us, - everyone had brought examples of what Tabitha had so lovingly made, sharing stories of what she so lovingly did. Our tears were a stream of grief and sadness.  We would wait on what God would unfold and look forward to their return.

Three days passed by, but time seemed to stand still. So many people had come to give tribute to our dear friend, some gave back what she had given, saying to let others in greater need have what she had made.

News came that Peter was nearly here! I prayed to God that somehow he would give us comfort so that we could move on with our lives.  He arrived! The outpouring of grief was immense, everyone anxious to show him what Tabitha had done. He stood, watching and listening, his compassion was evident, but there was a love that was shining from him that seemed to come from the Christ.  We exchanged glances, and I felt that love. He quietly asked us all to leave so that he could be alone with Tabitha. I was the last to go and stood just outside the door. Was he just praying for inspiration? Giving his own personal thanks for a life well lived? - Perhaps he just wanted quiet time to pray with her and give her his blessing?  I could feel an atmosphere of incredible love. What more could he do? We had left and became silent ourselves, waiting with an expectation of we knew not what but to see Peter again and hear what he would share with us.

I heard Peter speak “Tabitha, arise.” My heart jumped! What! Did I really hear him speaking to a dead body and saying arise?!  I suddenly thought of Aeneas, healed, I remembered Lazarus raised from the dead, Jesus himself arisen. Why had I been so blind? Peter had never asked to see the body, had never accepted she could ever be separate from her life which is in God. He had simply said, “Take me to Tabitha”. And now his command was with the authority of knowing the truth. He had dismissed our negativity and surrounded my friend with love and his sense of eternal life! “Tabitha, arise”.  I felt the power of his statement, and when he called out for us to go in, my heart was already rejoicing.

Tabitha stood, held warmly in Peter’s arms, and she turned and looked at us with radiance, looked at me with such love in her eyes, - I felt tears welling: she ran from Peter straight to me, gave me such a hug, then stood back and holding my hands just squeezed them tight and shared with me that lovely moment of life illumined with the presence of the Christ. It was beautiful. Everyone was rejoicing, praising God.

I turned to Peter, humbly standing in the background, went to hold his hands, tears of joy and gratitude now nearly overwhelming me. We had seen what he had always known, that God is an ever-flowing fountain of life, and surely, we are its bubbling and ever-flowing stream!


Tabitha got straight on, doing what she always did. News of the miracle was broadcast throughout Joppa oh so rapidly!  Christianity had spread, and now here was such convincing proof. Tabitha was so well known! This demonstration of life couldn’t be denied! Being a seaport, the news became really widespread, reaching across the Mediterranean! The apostles were doing the same as Jesus, healing, yes, even raising the dead!

Our dear Peter remained many days, - but he didn’t stay with Tabitha, who could so easily have looked after him, - but in humility, not wanting to be thought in any way of taking advantage, lodged instead with one Simon a local tanner.

This was all such a blessing to so many people, - Christianity was now no longer just for the Jews, but it had become radiantly clear that the gospel was indeed for all peoples, and the love and good conduct of my dear Tabitha continue to just overflow in witness and selfless happiness.

We have seen the ever-flowing fountain of life, and our hearts are rejoicing in our Lord, in the faithfulness of His Love.  What was dark is no more because the light of the Lord has shone.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A Prayer For This Week (July 8 - 14, 2019)

By Prayerful Liviving

Father-Mother God, in spiritual communion I worship You.
I bow down and prostrate my human will to Your commands.
I am repentant for when I have ever doubted Your all-ness,
and for the occasions when I’ve missed the mark.
I sacrifice everything for the beauty of Your holiness.
I draw near to You, God. My desire is to grow in Your grace.
I am so thankful for the demonstration of your Truth,
I take in Your bread of heaven, I sip Your inspiration of Love.
I rise to the morning meal of the revealed truth of Life everlasting.
Daily I strive to follow the example of the Master, Christ Jesus.
With humility and willingness I serve Your children here.
We are baptized into one body of Christ by You, Spirit.
I am totally devoted to You, Lord.
And so it is, Amen.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Peter's Repentance

By Ken G. Cooker

[Luke 5: 1-11; John 21 1-22]

I’ve been here before.
Slogging away for no return.
I’d gone back to my fishing,
What I grew up doing, and knew well.
I sniffed the breeze, judged the wind and the currents,
Dropped down the net.
And hauled up with aching arms and hands.
I looked at Nathanael and Thomas. Caught John looking at me.
We could read each others thoughts.
What were we doing here?
How had it come to this?
We had seen Jesus twice since his resurrection
Not just seen but touched, - Thomas even more so.
Yet we felt flat, as empty as our nets.
The selfish retreat of fishing for fish that weren’t even there a meaningless routine,
A hollow comfort of escape to the past, fear of the future.
As I hauled on the wet rope another weary time I felt a disbelief and frustration born of guilt. I had denied him three times in public, was now denying him with every pull of the net, my life returned to what had been normal.

I thought back three years, back in this very boat.
It seemed like an instant replay of when it all started.
Back there again, hauling up the unfilled empty weight. All night, nothing caught.
Frustrated, we'd been washing our nets when this man Jesus had asked to step on board, preached his gospel from there to the crowds gathered on the shore.
And when he had left speaking told us to go out again, to launch into the deep, let down the nets. I remembered and felt the pointlessness, the weariness and memory sending a shudder down my spine.
I’d answered for all of us. What’s the point, - the fish just aren’t biting.
Yet we obeyed because he had asked.
When I hauled up, I had nearly fallen in with the jolt. The net had broken with the weight of fishes.
I’d had to call James and John, - and here we were again. Time was all confused. We had struggled to bring the catch to shore, -it had filled our two boats, and we only just made it.
The fish must have been there all the time.
We had been dumfounded, and when he said to follow him, we did. Left all. He became our master.
Three years of non-stop miracles, lepers cleansed, limbs restored, multitudes fed, storms stilled by his word, - he had even got me to walk on the water, until I looked down and began to sink! I knew he was the Christ, - I’d told him! He shewed us what could be done.
He overcame death. I'd seen him twice since! And here I am still fishing.
And I have caught nothing.
The rocking of the boat seemed to mock us all.

I stretched up long and hard, the early morning light glinting on my sweat drained nakedness. Turned to James and John.
“I’ve just been thinking back three years ago. We’d all been out fishing, and the fish just weren't there. Do you remember, it was when we met Jesus. He spoke to the crowds from my boat, and afterwards said to launch forth. I scoffed at the idea, but we did, and couldn’t bring the load of fishes in! You had to help us. And here we are again. It’s like a bad dream!”
Had I achieved nothing in all this time? The daft panic question…Was Jesus just a dream?

I hauled again at the reality of another empty net.
A stranger on the shore called out.
“Children, have ye any meat?”
He can’t see the barren wooden floor, awash with froth and weed.
I shout back the understatement of the year. “No!”
He calls out yet again:
“Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find.”
We felt impelled to obey.

The net went over the other side, and it was barely drawn across the water when it resisted, almost fought against us; it was heaving with fish!
John said, “It is the Lord.”
Tears filled my eyes with re-ignited memory..
I now KNEW! Grabbed my garment, tied it quick and tight, dived in!
Jesus! Jesus!

Powerful strokes gave the lie to previous weariness.
I reached the shore, stumbled through the dragging water,
Dripping joyously as I ran to him.
He was sat calmly by a fire of coals, with fish and bread.
“Bring of the fish which ye have now caught.”
We all heaved the full net up the beach,
Renewed strength, newly awakened.
Another flash back those three years hence, - those nets had broken, but this now not spoiled. We stopped to count the abundance. One hundred and fifty-three!! And they were big fish too!
Was I living in the present or the past? I heard again Jesus’ earlier words as we hauled those broken bursting nets: “Fear not, from henceforth thou shalt catch men.”
And I had selfishly gone back to my fishing….

The present jolted back at me:
“Come and dine.”
We ate of our fish, the work of our hands. The bread and the fish were the best I’d ever tasted, but that was not why I remembered that meal. It was Jesus, my Lord. The Christ. Sought me out yet once more. Me not deserving. I had disowned him in public three times, but here he was, not disowning me, any of us. We had even denied him by going back to our fishing, despite having seen him alive since his awful crucifixion which only John watched. Why did he even bother to look for us? How did he find us?

I felt his love.

The rising warm light of a beautiful cloudless day was matching and lifting heart and soul.
We had finished, all comfortable round the fire. Wondering. Trembling with anticipation.

“Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these?”

What a question is this! Why pick on me? In front of everyone! And why Simon and not Peter? Had my reversion to fishing, my denials, robbed him of the rock he expected me to be? Not “Have you truly repented” but “Lovest thou me.” That’s the real proof. Who or what is more important? What do I really value most? What I think of myself, or how much I really love him? I give my answer.
“Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee.”

“Feed my lambs.”

His final command confirms his forgiveness and re-establishes the purpose and rock of my being, the selfless demand to love God and not self, before which we all must bow.
And in that true repentance of thought, changed wholeheartedly from self to God, I know I can never again go back. A new and deep awareness fills my being. Words are easy. I must now reach out and prove my love for Jesus by my love for others. No more denial, but stronger, so much stronger, the affirmation of God-based action!

My life-purpose changed: Not about me, about others.


And I just knew in another flash of understanding, that as Jesus had given me this command, he knew I would have all that was needed to fulfill it. He had re-established in me what he had declared before I had denied him: “Upon this rock I will build my church.”

I knew once again that the power of God was with me, and as God had been with Jesus so that Love would be guiding me in my deeds. My love of Christ would be evidenced by what I did now.

The past did not matter. A weight had lifted off me. I felt the joy of reaching out at Christ’s command. My love for Jesus was to be shown in my love for others.

“Feed My Sheep”

I looked at Jesus and he read my thoughts “I give you my oath, I will”

Acts 5:12 (to ;) And by the hands of the apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people;

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