Tuesday, October 3, 2017


By Ken G. Cooper

Condemned unclean these many years
No hope of healing, just off tears.
Physicians tried but can’t replace
The emptiness of “helpless case”.

But I’ve just heard a diff’rent view,-
Is it gossip or really true?
A man is healing everyone,
Whether a parent, daughter, son.

The question is can he heal me,
Infirm these years for all to see?
The habit of illness hard to shake:
The thought of healing makes me quake!

I ask around. He’s coming here!
This Jesus, this amazing seer.
A man runs shouting “Look at me!
I was borne lame and now I’m free!”

Another shout and further joy;
A mother hugs her little boy.
The crowd it gathers steadily.
This man approaches, will pass me!

I see Love in his eyes, incredible light, 
The look of assurance and infinite might.
The crowds throng him closely, just how to get near,
Don’t want him to see me, I feel awesome fear.

The sounds of rejoicing resound with a din.
I move among people that clamour for him.
The love that just shines from this wonderful man
Gives me a confidence that nothing else can.

I know it sounds silly but I know this much
All that is needed is the most gentle touch!
I get nearer and nearer, just one person behind,
My heart skips a beat as I reach out my hand!

“Who touched me?!” 

Mocking his question, each in turn,
His disciples have much to learn.
For I feel deep salvation pure,
The love of Christ my holy cure.

But now in health I am not hid
And I must do as I am bid.
In wondrous fear I answer his call,
Declare the touch that simply heals all

He speaks again, with strength of Soul,
“Daughter thy faith hath made thee whole;
Go in peace”
that’s all that he said,
But I’m now free from my sick bed. 

Oh how to share with each of you
The meaning of just what is true:
We all can banish every doubt,
By simply this: just reaching out. 

Luke 8: 43-48 

©Ken G Cooper  2017