Thursday, July 10, 2014

No comfort, no healing

by Anthony Whitehouse CS

There is an aspect of Love which we forget at our peril and without which healing hardly ever appears.

It is the aspect of Comfort.

When we feel love we should also feel comforted. It is therefore true to say that unless we feel comforted we have not really felt the power of love.

And yet how often do we make protestations of Love and worship at its altar and yet overlook that unless comfort is also present we have worshipped in vain?

Do you have a sense of Comfort? Then if you do, you have understood the meaning of love and you are in God’s presence.

If we are in great distress, looking for healing that healing is never going to appear unless we address the discomfort that illness, sin or error has carried with it into consciousness. It does not really matter what the error is, whether it is a heart problem or general disenchantment with church affairs. Both challenges have the same effect. The rob us of mental comfort and introduce a sense of mental discomfort.

So, does the divine Mind operate with a sense of discomfort? Obviously not! Divine Love, Mother love always brings with it a sense of comfort because Mother love is always comforting. We need to understand this in order to do away with the discomfort and allow that sense of comfort to permeate our being and thinking. No amount of meditation on any metaphysical truth will heal without a comforting sense of God’s presence because God’s presence IS a comforting sense.

If we find ourselves under severe mental attack, in mental distress or paling under the stress of some job that needs to be done and which we find we cannot do, again it is because we have not nurtured and cultivated enough the “ comfort” which is the principal component of spiritual sense.
How can you feel troubled, stressed, distressed, tormented, hate and fear if that sense of comfort is there? It is a hard to actually demonstrate the value of harboring comfort unless you actually take the trouble to do it. You know you are not doing it because of the legions of evil which appear without it.

So take time today to cultivate a sense of comfort. The Mother Love which is God will appear with it because that is exactly the identity of comfort. When evil appears in the form of a “ an imaginable evil such as looming tornado” you can look it in the face and have such a robust sense of comfort that the evil will melt away. You will have found your God.

Hymn 174 (from the Christian Science Hymnal) really nails the question in just a few words

Like as a mother, God comforteth His children,
Comfort is calm that bids all tumult cease
Comfort is hope and courage for endeavor,
Comfort is love , whose home abides in peace.