Saturday, September 14, 2013

God or Good is ALWAYS true

By Anthony Whitehouse CS

If we forget that
  •  the nature of God /Good is always good
  • Man is always the likeness of God and perfectg
  • Harmony always reigns
  • Supply is always at hand
  • God is always present
then what happens is that existence then takes on a temporary sense of being material and human. To destroy the temporary nature of human existence and the temporary sense of evil we must insist upon the truth that God is ALWAYS present.

The only reason mankind has gotten into trouble is that in defining God ( and man is quite capable of accurately defining God ) man has forgotten or set aside the critical issue of God’s nature i.e. that the nature of God is ALWAYS true.

Forget the ALWAYS bit and immediately you are plunged in a temporary human framework.
All of which makes the attainment of the kingdom a lot easier , does it not ? Just keep the ALWAYS bit in mind

God bless