Monday, July 13, 2020


By Ken G. Cooper

Look up into the star-filled night.

Imagine the distance of the furthest constellation.

Reach out to all that lies beyond.

Behold and believe INFINITY.

Behold and believe in God, the All-in-all of infinity.

In the beginning the Word of God spoke

                                                and was heard by man.

The Word is speaking ever now.

Principle, governing all that is;

Mind, omniscient wisdom holding all in its grasp;

Life, the eternal vibrancy of existence;

Love, tenderly watching over its own;

Soul, harmony in perpetual action;

Spirit, the essence of life;

Truth, which always is.

Look up and look around, wherever you are.

See, listen, and know.

The infinity of God is the completeness of man.

Now and always.     

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©Ken G Cooper 2020                                                                                   
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