Monday, August 19, 2019

A Prayer For This Week (August 19 - 25, 2019)

By Prayerful Living

Lord God, teach me, Your student, of Your glorious reality.
All-harmonious Mind, You are constantly revealing Yourself to Your creation.
Omnipresent Intelligence, You are the source of all understanding and inspiration.
Infinite Wisdom, thank You for Your words which bring true knowledge and insight.
Humbly I open my consciousness and am receptive to Your truth.
I subordinate my human will, wisdom and personal sense to Your will and wisdom Lord,
as a transparency of the divine Mind, the only true Mind and cause.
As I strive to be more spiritually-minded, I think of spiritual things —
of goodness, beauty, truth, and love — leading to right living, happiness and health.
I align my thought with the Mind which Christ Jesus so perfectly reflected.
I am supported and uplifted by the angel-throng of Your thoughts, divine Love.
I AM the reflection and perfect expression of Mind.
And so it is, Amen.

Monday, August 12, 2019

A Prayer For This Week (August 12 - 18, 2019)

By Prayerful Living

Dear Father-Mother God,
I bless Your name for all that You do, all that You are.
God, good, divine substance, infinite intelligence,
You know me and love me. Thank you, God, for carrying my burdens
I feel Your face shine upon me, Source, Guide and Sustainer.
You keep me close within the peace and security
of Your kingdom of heaven – in the atmosphere of Soul.
I love being spiritually aware of Your bountiful creation, Spirit.
You, divine Soul, are the presence of good which is ever blessing me.
Mother-Love, help me to express spiritual-mindedness.
Help me to reflect Your joy, beauty, purity, grace, love and gentleness.
You are the one God, and I love You with all my heart,
mind and innermost being. I AM the expression of Soul.
And so it is, Amen.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

SOUL: True Nourishment

By Ken G. Cooper

GOD opened the DAY with new love.
It didn't matter what had gone before:
The needs of yesterday were passed, a fresh day was here,
For each began with SOUL inspired desires to share all-good:
Seeking God's angel messages of what best to do,
In the quietness of Love, we always knew.

At breakfast time fresh LOVE was always served.
There were no left-overs: present needs had present thoughts.
Love listens and responds to each individual requirement,
For every need is different, already catered for by Mind,
Whose wisdom had already provided what best to do.
In the quietness of Love, we always knew.

Lunch has its different wishes and claims and times.
For some, fresh “SOUL” was quite a meal,
Served with care and, as felt, meeting the silent plea of others.
The warm smile and gentle laughter gave nourishment anew;
The food thus served was quite what best to do.
In the quietness of Love, we always knew.

And come the evening, Love still took control:
No pattern made, but seeking fresh and tender guide
The outreach pure and instant could not hide, -
The evidence was ever MAN MADE WHOLE!
All nourishment thus given was simply the best we knew.
Blessed by the love of SOUL! What GOD does do!

“My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus”
Philippians 4:19 my

"Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind…."
Mary Baker Eddy

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Monday, August 5, 2019

A Prayer For This Week (August 5 - 11, 2019)

By Prayerful Living

Divine Spirit, my heart overflows with praise for You.
I am filled with joy from my innermost being, my eternal heritage.
Through spiritual sense I strive to understand Your truth, God.
Help me to turn away from the false testimony of the material senses.
God, Yours is the substance of good, the substance of Spirit, not matter.
In Your reality infinite Spirit, I am wholly spiritual, Your reflection.
Thank you “Abba”, Father, for Your sense of renewal and freedom.
As I spiritualize my thought, I emerge gently to see the truth that You, God,
are the only presence and power.
Nothing can ultimately prevent or delay my forward progress.
I drop away old habits and limited ways of thinking. I am uplifted.
I claim the spiritual qualities of intelligence, joy, unselfishness, goodness.
And so it is, Amen.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Gadarene

By Ken G. Cooper

[Mark 5:1-20; Luke 8:26-39]

Let me tell you my story. I was a proud young man , – intent to show my worth to family and village. I received good training, was married and had children. The synagogue was my second home, and my prayers deep and devout. But somehow, I never met my high ambition. Never achieved what I expected or what was expected of me.
I’ll tell you: some habits are no good and self-pity is one of the worst. I found myself caught in a deep rut, deeper than you could ever imagine, banging against the sides, unable to turn around, unable to escape the sporadic tumbling forward, with the utter helplessness of seeming to be controlled by something else, being led I knew not where, unable to change direction, hating myself for not caring what I might do. Self-pity consumed me, like an army of hungry ants gnawing away at the inner core of a once proud tree, leaving it hollow. Frustration and anger and emptiness made me lose my mind. I became dangerous to all around me and was cast out to protect those I loved and those I didn’t even know.

I lived in the wilderness, and my world was mountains and tombs, tombs and mountains. The chains with which they bound me could not withstand my rage. My strength frightened me. In bitterness and guilt, I would smash the rocks and tombstones and no man could or even dared to stop me. Over time, the clothes ragged off my body, blown thin by the mountain wind. For up in the clear air it was glorious, – I felt a freedom away from everything, – I would run and jump, skip and laugh out loud with the scant grass and burnt-out bushes as companions, feeling at one with nature, the pure happiness of life as it can be. But it never lasted. I would descend once more down, down the slopes. Bitter contrast. Even the unclean swine were my friends, secretly being fattened on the hidden hillsides for the black-market traders. I knew all about them: I felt I knew everything. I did not care. Here was I, free, but trapped more thoroughly than any prison or chain could bind. Often, I would slump against a tombstone, worn out yet exhilarated, lonely and looking for danger to end my life, cutting myself with stones out of spite against myself and God, daring Him to kill me, but all the time knowing that somehow God loved me, was there, waiting for me.
Then came the day that changed everything. I remember the ferocious storm that came from nowhere. The wind and rain blowing, lashing, pushing me along the shore. The rain stung on my naked flesh, and through the squall I could just make out boats on the sea, being tossed like corks. I made the effort to stand still, hand up to my eyes, willing them to sink while yet praying for their safety, dancing with delight at the futility of everything and nothing.

The boat in the front was in the greatest difficulty. I could see fisherman hanging on for their lives, – a few of them were making their way to the prow. One bent down, and I could see someone getting up. Though the winds were fierce, I swear that boat stopped rocking! I rubbed my eyes through the rain. The waves didn’t crash into it, but somehow seemed to move round as though it wasn’t there! A man stood up, stretched out his arms, and the storm ceased completely. Every boat was calm. How I wish you could have been there with me, seen too what I saw. I tell you it was no coincidence. One followed the other. Immediately. Suddenly. Heavy clouds that had covered the sky just rolled back and disappeared. The wild waves that moments before had crashed ‘gainst the shoreline gone, just lapping quietly, tinged white against the khaki-sand and now clear-blue sky. Had I imagined it? My wet skin and dripping hair gave proof of the storm that was no dream! My eyes and the warm sun spoke of a new horizon. Mountains and tombs, tombs and mountains. Storm or peace. Peace, no storm. What was real? My thoughts were all over the place. The boats were landing. 
The man that stilled the storm got out with the fisherman all round him. I was sufficiently close to see his features. In a flash of insight, I suddenly knew who he was. Recognition overtook my consciousness. I knew that he would read me! Would lay bare my demon thoughts. I feared the truth, whatever that might be. I ran down towards him, barely a hundred yards, shouting and yelling, the mad man from the tombs in full cry! He might control the storm, but he won’t control me! I didn’t want to be healed, yet I yearned to be free. I wanted to get rid of him, yet I knew he was my master. Even as I ran towards him, I knew that the power he expressed was invincible, but that didn’t stop me.
He showed no fear.
He called out, addressing the error and not me, calling for the evil spirits to leave me. The power of his command, his total lack of fear, stopped me in my tracks just yards from him and his disciples. I knelt to the ground. And I felt as though a voice not mine answered back to him:
 “What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God most high? I beseech thee, torment me not.”
Even as I spoke those words and looked in his eyes, I felt a glorious battle taking place in my thoughts, – all the demons of my past ranged against the simple standard of his unity with God. He asked me my name and again I heard my answer “Legion”, a final throw at him of all the spirits and goblins in my mind, a final attempt to outnumber and challenge his authority. My legion would outnumber him. Yet he stayed so calm, – what was I compared to the mighty storm! Once more he raised his arm, this time to the storm in my head and not the sky. He extended his hand towards my head, and then towards the herd of swine on the hillside in a throw-away gesture. It was if he was saying “Look and behold! God’s power and goodness are infinite! His is the only power, and the only true power we have is by reflection. His goodness is supreme. Share my understanding and be whole!”    And the storm inside me ceased. Was gone.

The pigs leapt and danced, ran in to each other, squealing, scrabbling madly. The swineherds could not control them. They gathered pace down the slope, sliding, falling, crashing down into the sea. Not one was left.
Not one was left, my friend. All the fears, torments, the self-pity and latent violence, all gone. Not just removed from me to live again, but destroyed. It was as though the whole area around us had not just witnessed the stilling of the tempest but also the absolute destruction of all that was wrong or not under the control of the infinite God. Infinite and exception don’t exist.

Jesus was smiling at me. That’s the real point of what I am saying. Where the storm was, he saw peace and calm. Where I was, he saw not a mad man, intent on murder and self-mutilation, but God’s child. Which was true? He smiled because he loved and knew what he saw, and I felt in that smile and in his eyes such power that, like the demons were not me, that power was not him, but came straight from God, was God, and he was God’s mouthpiece. He saw the truth so clearly it was manifested to all around him, and all around him partook of the same sense of power and might, – he gave us our true sense of dominion as God’s children, – we were all his brothers and sisters, yes, that’s it, my friend, for God is the Father of every one of us, yes, you and me, everyone. I too now loved what he saw, what he was seeing. I had seen the Truth of my being, and in truly loving myself, I was immune from dark thoughts, - they were no more, not removed, but gone.
  I remember so clearly with both awe and understanding what happened next. I stood up, looked at my naked body, – all signs of mutilation had gone. One of his disciples brought me a robe from their boat. For the first time in I don’t know how long I was dressed and felt complete. I was at peace. I was at one with the universe, with God, no longer tortured by my false sense of consciousness, but now knowing that divine consciousness is true being. Legion had no place in the infinity of God’s ever presence. I remembered a Bible verse from my youth “The Lord, he is God, and there is none else beside Him”. It’s that simple!

Jesus talked with all of us, sharing the gospel, sharing his love of God. He had proved everything of which he spoke. And we just sat listening, drinking in the spiritual truths which he was proving all the time. The utter restlessness of mountains-tombs a distant memory, no longer how I saw myself. All those wrong and restless thoughts, the legion of them claiming to be me, that false identity that had bound me, simply gone! I had a new-found purpose, – to have and recognise that same mind that was in Jesus, to be at one with his clear sense of Father, to see myself as worthy of his love.

Eventually Jesus and his disciples got back in their boat and went back whence they came. I watched the sail disappear over the horizon of the peaceful sea, knowing that although they had gone, His God was still here and everywhere. The power that had calmed the storms and tempests was universal and supreme, was not confined to one person or place. I could feel God’s presence remaining with me. I was a new man, God’s man, and it was God that had trod down my enemies.

Before Jesus left, he had taken me by the hands, looked at me with that deep love of his, and said to spread the good news. When he had gone, Love remained. And here I am now, back with my beloved family. My fellow villagers had not wanted Jesus to stay. They were, and many remain, too frightened of what he did, frightened to change their way of life. They look at me, and pass by on the other side. But here I stand as God’s witness, untouched by the nothing of their negative thoughts: they are nothing, for my God, who never stopped loving me, is now everything to me. God’s infinite Love is always with me.

God has restored those years the locust devoured. All storms have gone, as though they never were. I am at peace and free! And I have freedom because I have the mind and love of Christ, yes, we all have the mind and love of Christ! It’s that which spreads the good news, brings healing, protects us. Dear friend, feel that love, know it in your heart, and rejoice!
Love has set me free, and I have found peace.
And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten,
And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.
Joel 2:25, (to first ,) 26

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:32

Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.
II Cor 13:11 Be

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Prayer For This Week (July 29 - August 4, 2019)

By Prayerful Living

Thank you God for Your unlimited loving-kindness.
You, divine Love, are my example in loving others — loving as You love.
May my anger be washed away by Love. Help me to turn away from hate
and turn the other cheek to unkindness, helping me seek ways to make peace.
Your Christ is my wayshower. Help me to live Your new commandment.
Through faith, Your Christ dwells in my heart, rooted and grounded in Love.
Mother-Love, I feel Your omnipotent embrace. Your very essence is Love.
I take refuge under Your protective wings of Love. Thank You, Thank You Love!
Father-Love, You are unchanging, Principle, ever-active good, filling all space.
I am blessed in the knowledge, establishment and nourishment of Your Love.
I thank you God for the cleansing presence of Your extravagant Love.
“God is Love” and I am the reflection of that boundless Love.
I love You God! And so it is, Amen.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Lessons in Love from a Local Tree

By Ken C. Cooper

The girth of this tree was some four-foot wide,
It had magnificence it could not hide.
I looked up at the branches proud ’gainst skies,
Felt the sheer beauty transcend just my eyes.
The wind was blowing, ’twas more than a gale,
Its might ’gainst this tree did strongly assail!
The trunk’s mighty top bent with the brute force:
The girth by my face moved not from its source:
For wide-ranging roots descended at length:
Its deep-seated foundation gave it strength.

It made me think of the tempests I faced,
My faith which buffeting blasts had displaced:
Like leaves and twigs blown right off from the tree
I was starting to doubt my right to be.
But the trunk had not broken: stood secure, -
Felt safe in saying “Come on, I’ll take more!!”
I just had to send my roots down more deep,
Reach unto God, true foundation to keep.

Love was there holding the roots of my being,
Enveloping all, and confidence freeing!
And just like the tree that refused to move,
Knew myself rooted and grounded in Love*.

As trees in this forest all played their part.
I suddenly saw that Christ dwelt in each heart:
No exceptions existed for Love held all,
We were one family, with Love, walking tall!
And when we’re together we show that we care -
Our love it just shines, and lights everywhere!

The beauty we have is Love shown and declared.
It cannot be helped! Love’s naturally shared.

I look once more, see the tree waving about,
And know for certain, and without any doubt,
That it was God’s love that created the tree,
And it is God’s love that created me:
So that is my nature, it’s just how I live,
And at one with Love’s world, what joy is to give!

* See Ephesians 3:17

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Monday, July 22, 2019

A Prayer For This Week (July 22 - 28, 2019)

By Prayerful Living

God, help me to quiet my thought.  
I listen for Your Truth, the sound of gentle stillness, the whisper of reality.
I strive to shut out the clamors of the material senses.
How I long for a Truth-filled mind.
“Here I am, Lord.” Lead me in Your Truth.
I am blessed to hear Your “still small voice” of Truth, Father God.
What You speak, God, is living and active. I am spiritually awakened.
Like raindrops, the Truth of Your law nourishes, refreshes and sustains me.
I know that Truth is the only actual consciousness and I am at one with it.
The seed of Your Word is very near, God,
planted deep in the rich soil of my soul. Your Truth is in my heart.
May Your Christ, show me the way, that I might walk in it and glorify You.
Thank you for Your inexhaustible reservoir of blessings in Truth, Mother God.
Day and night I worship You “in spirit and in Truth.”
And so it is, Amen.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Truth of Unconditional Being

By Ken G. Cooper

Now don't let a condition try to tell you how you are
Or give a sense of time and space and just how long or far.
For what makes a condition is merely a mortal scheme:
It's a lie, a misconception, - part of the Adam dream.

Wake up! You're in the Absolute, where God and man are One,
Where this is the Truth of Being, where matter there is none.
A condition can't exist: for the fact must ever be
That what is true is always true: and Truth makes man so free! *

There's simply no condition or temptation to attract.
God's Freedom universal. It's simple. Hold this fact.
So recognise reality: accept just what is true:
God’s Truth is unconditional, made manifest as you.

*John 8:32
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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Elijah and the Still Small Voice

By Ken G. Cooper

[1 Kings 19:7-12]

My life in danger, to this cave I have fled:
My God has provided and given me bread;
For foes seek my life to take it away,
So, scared to go out, and affrightened, I stay.

“What doest thou here, Elijah?” rings in thought 
“Is this hiding what service to God has now brought?”
 But the enemy’s strong, too strong for just me:
“Go forth and stand forward: My message you’ll see!”

A great and strong wind gusts with power and might; 
It blows down huge rocks from their mountainous height.
They crash to the ground, and their impact is clear,
But deep down I know that the Lord is not there. 

An earthquake shatters the rocks all around
And chasms appear in the trembling ground.
The power is awesome as I stand and stare,
But the message remains: the Lord is not there. 

A fire bursts forth, and with flame the land lit:  
The landscape burns bright, and rocks blister and split.
 There seems no escape from this heat everywhere,
But once more this knowledge: the Lord is not there.  

A strange calm replaces the forces that raged:
An infinite stillness that time never aged.
My fears fall away, for a voice sure yet small
Says clearly within me. “Fear not. God is All”.

Let quietness and stillness be my assured choice,
For only in listening can I hear God’s voice:
No matter what challenge attacks, gives alarm,
I know now so clearly, with God, there’s no harm.

God says: “I am LIFE, omnipotent, ALL,
I hold you secure: and you never can fall.
The tender touch of My infinite power
Is always besides you. I'm with you each hour.” 

And just like both Moses and Joseph before,
God now directs me and I do that much more.
His radiant glory enlightens my way,
With God I go forward. I cannot just stay.

Oh, show me dear Father the way I must go,
To share with Thy children the Love all must know, -
I will listen, and follow Your Word, Your Voice:
It speaks the Truth only: in that I rejoice! 

I will hear what God the Lord will speak: (Psalms 85: (to 1st:) 

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Prayer For This Week - (July 15 - 21. 2019)

By Prayerful Living

God, You are the wellspring of life,
the source of all being.
You are the living, loving God, the everlasting King.
Divine Life, knowing You, I am spiritually alive.
I strive to live above corporeal sense and do Your will.
I am awake to Your reality now, which is eternal life.
I know that death is only an illusion.
I am in fellowship with You, Father,
and with Your beloved son, Christ Jesus.
Glimpsing the truth of what real Life is
— perfect and indestructible — I am blessed.
And so it is, Amen.

Monday, July 15, 2019


By Ken G. Cooper

[Acts 9:36-43]

Some people seem to be just naturally good. My dear friend Tabitha was one such person. Always quick to help others. We’d been neighbours for many years, and I often helped with all the selfless charity work she did, - she naturally encouraged support and was a joy to be with.  I still wear an oh so beautiful garment she made me. When she gave it to me I cried and we hugged, and I have felt part of her family ever since.  She is a constant support and so much loved.

This year everything miraculously changed and moved forward! Events in Jerusalem concerning this man Jesus were on everyone’s lips, - some from our village had been in Jerusalem for the Passover.  My friend Thomas had seen him crucified, but later heard that Jesus had risen from the dead and been seen by many people.  Thomas stayed on, and was in Jerusalem when the apostles, led by Peter, received the Holy Ghost and began to heal people.  Two of the apostles came to Joppa, broadcasting the good news of the Gospel, that Jesus had risen from the dead, and had now ascended, at one with his Father, that the kingdom of heaven was indeed at hand! I was with Tabitha at the time, and we both became Christians along with many others. We now understood the source of the love we had always shared. Somehow Tabitha became even more productive, - there probably wasn’t a street in Joppa where her love and handiwork were not known. As a light shining in the darkness, everyone recognised her, and we were blessed by all she did.

Then the impossible happened. One day fine and laughing with all of us as she shared her alms deeds with some of the poor, she was suddenly stricken with sickness, became confined to her bed, and most unwell. I stayed with her, nursed her, we prayed as best we could, but it was to no avail. My dear Tabitha breathed her last. No one could believe it. We looked at her lifeless body and wept with disbelief and anger and frustration.

With the agreement of her close friends, I washed her body and then we moved her up to the upper chamber of her house, laying her peacefully on the bed.  I prayed to God for understanding, went though in my mind all the good things she had done, suddenly recognising they were immortal, could never be taken away, and despite the evidence before us, her goodness was also everlasting, but it didn’t stop my tears.

Life went on, as it always did. Someone came from Lydda, full of news that Peter was there, - Thomas knew him, and was immediately interested wanting to see him again. Peter had just healed someone called Aeneas of his lameness.  I dared to think. What could he do here? We needed his support, his Christly vision. I urged Thomas to take someone with him and ask Peter if he would urgently come here to Joppa, but not to say why. His thought would be open, and it would remain for Thomas and his friend to usher him into the upper chamber. There was such a gathering of us, - everyone had brought examples of what Tabitha had so lovingly made, sharing stories of what she so lovingly did. Our tears were a stream of grief and sadness.  We would wait on what God would unfold and look forward to their return.

Three days passed by, but time seemed to stand still. So many people had come to give tribute to our dear friend, some gave back what she had given, saying to let others in greater need have what she had made.

News came that Peter was nearly here! I prayed to God that somehow he would give us comfort so that we could move on with our lives.  He arrived! The outpouring of grief was immense, everyone anxious to show him what Tabitha had done. He stood, watching and listening, his compassion was evident, but there was a love that was shining from him that seemed to come from the Christ.  We exchanged glances, and I felt that love. He quietly asked us all to leave so that he could be alone with Tabitha. I was the last to go and stood just outside the door. Was he just praying for inspiration? Giving his own personal thanks for a life well lived? - Perhaps he just wanted quiet time to pray with her and give her his blessing?  I could feel an atmosphere of incredible love. What more could he do? We had left and became silent ourselves, waiting with an expectation of we knew not what but to see Peter again and hear what he would share with us.

I heard Peter speak “Tabitha, arise.” My heart jumped! What! Did I really hear him speaking to a dead body and saying arise?!  I suddenly thought of Aeneas, healed, I remembered Lazarus raised from the dead, Jesus himself arisen. Why had I been so blind? Peter had never asked to see the body, had never accepted she could ever be separate from her life which is in God. He had simply said, “Take me to Tabitha”. And now his command was with the authority of knowing the truth. He had dismissed our negativity and surrounded my friend with love and his sense of eternal life! “Tabitha, arise”.  I felt the power of his statement, and when he called out for us to go in, my heart was already rejoicing.

Tabitha stood, held warmly in Peter’s arms, and she turned and looked at us with radiance, looked at me with such love in her eyes, - I felt tears welling: she ran from Peter straight to me, gave me such a hug, then stood back and holding my hands just squeezed them tight and shared with me that lovely moment of life illumined with the presence of the Christ. It was beautiful. Everyone was rejoicing, praising God.

I turned to Peter, humbly standing in the background, went to hold his hands, tears of joy and gratitude now nearly overwhelming me. We had seen what he had always known, that God is an ever-flowing fountain of life, and surely, we are its bubbling and ever-flowing stream!


Tabitha got straight on, doing what she always did. News of the miracle was broadcast throughout Joppa oh so rapidly!  Christianity had spread, and now here was such convincing proof. Tabitha was so well known! This demonstration of life couldn’t be denied! Being a seaport, the news became really widespread, reaching across the Mediterranean! The apostles were doing the same as Jesus, healing, yes, even raising the dead!

Our dear Peter remained many days, - but he didn’t stay with Tabitha, who could so easily have looked after him, - but in humility, not wanting to be thought in any way of taking advantage, lodged instead with one Simon a local tanner.

This was all such a blessing to so many people, - Christianity was now no longer just for the Jews, but it had become radiantly clear that the gospel was indeed for all peoples, and the love and good conduct of my dear Tabitha continue to just overflow in witness and selfless happiness.

We have seen the ever-flowing fountain of life, and our hearts are rejoicing in our Lord, in the faithfulness of His Love.  What was dark is no more because the light of the Lord has shone.

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