Thursday, September 26, 2019

A Prayer For This Week (September 23 - 29, 2018)

By Prayerful Living

Divine Spirit, glory be to Your holy city, the divine consciousness.
Yours is the reality I seek: wholly spiritual, limitless, the only substance.
Help me to realize Your “New Jerusalem,” Your kingdom of heaven.
Everlasting Father, You are the eternal builder to the Life
which mortal sense cannot impair nor mortal belief destroy.
Divine Mind, only through your pure thoughts can I grasp
the beauty, sublimity, and light of the holy city, Your reality.
I long for a state of mind where there is no consciousness of materiality,
no material sense, no belief in a worldly existence,
and where a pure spiritual sense of existence is discerned to be the only reality.
Understanding Your spiritual reality brings me great peace.
Thank you Father-Mother - through Your perfect model, the city foursquare,
I am conscious of Your infinite, eternal, perfect universe.
And so it is, Amen.

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