Saturday, September 19, 2015

God's Emergency Plan

D. Michael Day

We have great proof of God’s dear care for each beloved child.
He holds each one of us so near, the prodigal, the wild.
God has a plan to get us home if we have gone astray,
Desire in an emergency will help our find our way.

Immersing is like stepping down into Bethesda’s pool,
its waters stirred by angel’s touch, but you must heed the rule
to be the first one stepping in to have your ailment cured.
Imagine waiting there for years, your malady endured.

Submergence is the second step as John the Baptist did
to purge the heart and soul of sin, your consciousness to rid
of every thought and deed impure, to wash your garments clean,
to agitate the dust and dirt, removed it can’t be seen.

Emergence is the second birth, we must be born again
of water and of spirit if we wish to enter in
the kingdom of our God and of his Christ, and of our Lord.
When Love reigns in our consciousness it shows in deed and word.

Insurance or Assurance, which policy is yours?
God’s tides of Love flood human sense and beat upon Life’s shores.   
Immerse, submerge, emerge our thoughts, reveals the perfect man.
Nothing else could e’re replace God’s Emergency plan.

D. Michael Day 9/19/2015

Author’s note:
We often hear that everyone should develop an emergency plan, a hurricane or tornado plan, an evacuation plan, a disaster plan, a recovery plan, etc. It includes the preordained steps we intend to follow in the event of an emergency or accident.

Man’s definition of “emergency” is quite unlike God’s and is usually only invoked in dire straits.

It occurred to me that God probably has an emergency plan for man, where men can reach out in his extremities and constantly be assured that God has a secure preordained plan for His child’s protection.

God’s definition of “emergency” is like an ongoing three-step process of baptism by the Holy Ghost.

First we must immerse ourselves, stepping into the purifying pool of divine science with confidence, similarly to the Israelites as they stepped into the Red Sea, the first ones getting their robes wet before the waters divided.

Second we must submerge ourselves completely in the substance of spirit, washing every nook and cranny to free materialistic imperfect thought, dust to dust or the Adam man and leaving man cleansed and free of impurities.

Finally we must emerge, as Jesus told Nicodemus, we must be born again of water and of spirit. To be as a ship borne upon the water is to be carried above the water, to float above the material senses and emerge into the spirit, the atmosphere of Truth and Love. During this continual process of imerging, submergence and emergence (entering, being enveloped and rising “leavening”) we are daily cleansed and washed clean. This is the only “Emergency” Plan God recognizes, the constant, ever-present purification or baptism of mankind (no accidental start or heroic finish involved).

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