Tuesday, May 3, 2016

TruthBits - Adam

by Carolyn St. Charles CS
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    From a high cave, Adam,
    a man of first time,
    looked out upon
    God's universe in wonder.
    His altitude allowed
    the distant be seen
    across the vast valley.
    His thought imaged
    yet greater distances.
    He saw such things
    he could not touch,
    could not understand,
    could not describe --
    huge nameless things
    like round colored rocks
    floating without falling.
    He saw in his thought,
    grand impossibilities.
    But fringes of eternity
    seemed closer in his day.


    On this day, before sunrise,
    Juno found Jupiter's embrace.
    And with her back to our sun,
    had its power to show us!


    where are you?

    Here, still moving
    in the fringeless space
    of infinite, timeless Mind.

    . ~Carolyn St.Charles 2016

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    NASA tweet: https://goo.gl/Okxj87


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