Sunday, November 5, 2017

Primitive, Present, and Ultimate

By J. Denis Glover

To spiritual man, these three states are all the same--the continuous now.

He is never born, doesn't pass through a physical embodiment with personal events, and doesn't die out of it. 

As Jesus said, "Before Abraham was, I am."  The term "I AM" in the Old Testament signifies all forms of the verb "to be."  Man was, is now, and shall be the spiritual embodiment of that I AM, called "God," or "infinite Spirit."

This Spirit is not anthropomorphic, is not manlike, is not an angry nor condemning actuality, but impersonal, infinite benevolence throughout eternity and throughout what appears as time.

And what says otherwise?  What says, "You were conceived in the flesh, born out of the womb, raised by parents in a physical world, met arduous trials and gained triumphs, merited or unmerited, and will pass out of it to some unknown state?"

Answer: The inertia of world thought, which in its drag against spirituality ironically tends to act aggressively to drag us with it. This aggression, often unsensed, forces itself into our daily lives, suggesting time, fear, illness, failure, and terminal existence.

What to do?  Such aggression is not only confronted, but defeated, by a method that sounds contradictory.  That is, by magnifying Spirit in one's consciousness and life to the degree that the aggression is seen not only to be powerless, but, strangely enough, to have never existed. 

Odd as it may seem, this method restores one's body, mind, and experience.  His past, present, and future are redeemed.

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