Monday, December 14, 2020

The Birth of Jesus

By Ken G. Cooper


Let me ask: “Who was there when Mary gave birth?”

– The Father of Jesus, the God of all earth!

‘Though her bed in a barn, midst cattle and sheep,

Her faith in The Father was constant and deep.

His Love that was present so perfect, she smiled.

She knew God was guarding both mother and child.


And when the time came for her boy to be born,

In peace and in stillness began the new morn.

God’s angels were present dispelling the night

For all around Mary and Jesus was light!

This light drew the shepherds that wanted to see

The Son that was promised to save you and me!


Led to the barn by the star shining above,

They felt, as they followed, the glory of Love.

O everyone feel what they must have felt, -

God’s love for man is not randomly dealt:

For each one of us has God for our Dad!

Let’s sing with the angels:



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©Ken G Cooper 2020                                                                                  
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