Monday, January 11, 2021

The Woman of Samaria

By Ken C. Cooper

 John 4:5-42

For many years, engrained as true,

Avoid all dealings with the Jew!

Their way of life does not belong

To how we live. It’s simply wrong.

The feeling mutual. It’s well known:

Though side by side we keep alone!


Imagine then my great surprise

When this Jew looks into my eyes!

Give me to drink his simple ask;

But why should I perform this task! 

Perhaps he does not understand

The social mores of this land.


I take a risk and answer back, -

His clear response reveals my lack!

His living water I should seek, -

It’s only found through being meek.

Yes, I’ve been thirsting all these years:

He’s offering Life with no more tears!


He reads my mind with healing thought,

No condemnation from him wrought.

My past revealed and laid quite bare, -

That he’s a prophet is quite clear.

I sense great Love, he speaks with me:

I feel at one, feel harmony.


He speaks of God and worship true,

A spiritual start to all we do.

God not confined to single place,

Embracing all as face to face.

I ask him straight: “Are you The One?”

Yes, I’m God’s true anointed Son.”


Touched by the Christ I’m now reborn.

New freedom with my past forlorn!

I leave the waterpot* behind,

Run to my home, - my friends to find!

I tell them all about this man:

My heart full-singing now it can!!


Many believe from all I say,

They searched out Jesus straightaway.

Two happy days he stayed and taught

Illuminating heart and thought!

The living water just o’erflows:

In Christ the flood of Life just glows!


* prejudice, the old way of life, mortal thirst and expectation.


©Ken Cooper 2021


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