Sunday, December 11, 2022

Inspiration From Hymn 64


By Patti C. Christopher

Many years ago, I had a healing by singing Hymn 64 as I walked in a nearby park, memorizing it as I went.  Recently, I decided to go back to Hymn 64 (From sense to Soul) to get a clear idea of Truth. Not only did I sing the hymn, but I also dug deeply into the words. 

In the first verse, I acknowledged that I was right now in “Truth’s clear day.” In this moment, I could clearly understand all the Truth about myself and others dealing with any challenge.

In the second verse, it dawned on me that I am always one with divine Mind, and therefore always stand on “holy ground.”  I am an idea held in the Mind that is God, and so cannot step out of that holy ground, and so can see and feel the “loveliness of Love” all around me.  Being held in the Mind of Love and having only the Mind that was in Christ meant that my thought easily “soars enraptured, fetterless and free.”  That is why healing occurs even though great distances seem to lie between practitioner and patient, or us and our loved ones for whom we pray.  Isaiah 55:11 says, “God’s word goeth out in righteousness and doth not return unto Him void… but He maketh it to prosper in the thing wherein He hath sent it.”  In Truth, everyone is an idea held in the Mind of Love, and therefore there is never any separation between us and God. 

When I came to “I touch the fringes of eternity”, I thought about the woman with the 12-year issue of blood, who reached out to touch the hem of Christ’s garment.  She was reaching out hoping to understand the laws of God, knowing they would heal her.  During Biblical times, the hems of garments were made by gathering the threads into tassels and knotting them.  Each tassel represented one of over 300 of God’s laws.  Knowing this, the woman reached out to touch Christ’s hem, even though the unclean were not to touch or be touched by others.  When she felt that divine Love pour out of Christ into herself, she knew immediately that she was healed of that issue.  She had a glimpse of the law of omnipresent Love, and saw how beloved she truly was.  Not even her uncleanness could prevent God from sending His Love out to heal her.

With this inspiration, I definitely had touched “the fringes of eternity.”  This inspiration continues to fill my thought.  I am grateful for the inspiring hymns in both of the Christian Science hymnals, which so easily come to mind when we need help.

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