Saturday, October 23, 2010

Divine Economy

Divine economy is stable and secure,
That which is incapable
Of discord, or being unsure-
God’s government forever, pure and assured.
Divine economy is steadfast,
Neither waxing nor waning,
Inexhaustible and undeclining,
Gently ever-flowing.
Divine economy is prosperous,
Free from want or woe,
Where superabundance of good is,
And no financial crunch or crisis can exist.
Divine economy is fruitful,
Its harvest full and abounds
With plenty, that surrounds-
And no chaos to confound.
Divine economy is safe,
Untarnished or undimmed.
“Above error’s awful din, [S&H 307:31]
Free from deceit, greed, or sin.
This divine economy is immutable,
Timeless and indestructible;
Continues to bless all mankind,
With its flourishing fruition.
Dee Mahuvawalla

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