Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Under My Skin

By Dee Mahuvawalla CS

I’ve got the beauty of Soul
Under my skin,
Banishing all brokenness,
Sickness and sin.

I’ve got the quickening of Life
Under my skin,
Illuming my true worth,
Destroying records of time or birth.

I’ve got the propulsion of Principle
Under my skin,
Radiating face to face,
My life’s journey with His grace.

I’ve got Mind’s momentum
Under my skin,
Controlling, directing and healing
Thus harmony establishing.

I’ve got Spirit’s substance
Under my skin,
Uprooting and dissolving
All discord, disease, fear and guilt.

I’ve got Love’s loving and forgiving,
Under my skin,
Comforting gently
The betrayed, the lonely, or the lost sheep.

I’ve got Truth’s trust
Under my skin,
Steadfastly upholding
All faltering denying.

Clad under the armor
With His anointing,
I walk unfettered,
Blessed and free.

In His image and likeness
Jointly fitted together
Firmly knitted in His artistry
I portray my spiritual tapestry.

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