Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Poem

By Ken Cooper

When all around seems bleak and cold
Remember please this story old:
Midst Roman rule and Herod’s law,
And poverty that made men sore,
A light shone forth in dark of night
That told of God, the one true Might.
And three wise men beheld this sign,
Responded to this light divine,
And came with gifts to recognise
The gift of God before men’s eyes.

The baby Jesus, innocent,
The problems of the world would rent.
Sin, sickness, death he would dispose;
God’s love for you and I disclose.
That light still shines, it never went,
For it was from heaven sent.
So this Christmas, through the year,
If ever doubts and fears appear,
Remember please this story old:
The Christ is here. Look up! Behold!

©Ken Cooper 2011

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