Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Something gleaned from Psalm 145

By Stirling Watts, CS
9. The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.
10. All thy works shall praise thee, O Lord; thy saints shall bless thee
If God is good to you, this goodness is continual because God never pauses in being Himself. You ARE his work. Not sometimes but at every moment. His work is perfect. Then what is it that feels imperfect? It is certainly NOT you, the perfect work of God! Nothing exists but God and his works. His works (i.e., YOU) praise Him by BEING that goodness and expressing it. That being cannot be stopped, any more than the image in a mirror can stop reflecting what is in front of it. That expression IS a healthy and happy you. You don't see it because false belief tries to put up a block between you and God. But that block is only a transparent belief and a source of distortion, not a divine power.

A sickly and a sad you is NOT God's likeness. You see yourself that way because of this blockage in thought. That blockage is human perception. Human belief adds a false distortion to what you really reflect. So, the sick image is a human thought image, a distorted view of you. The perfect spiritual you is already there, behind the blockage that adds the distortion.

Think of a circus mirror that makes us look exaggerated or tall or fat or skinny. You would not think of changing that reflection to look normal by working on the reflection itself. You would, instead, replace the distorting mirror with a normal mirror. The circus mirror only makes the image you see an untrue image, and it is telling a lie about what you are. But does the circus mirror have the authority to change what you are? Did you really become bloated or tall, or do you realize that this image is a product of the faulty mirror?

In the same way, we see the distorted picture of a diseased person or of our own self through the distorting view of the human mind. The human view has added the lies of discord, disease, sin, war, etc. to the image. These discords are lies, deceptions added by human belief. The real happy and healthy person is still there, and can be seen by viewing them through the reflection presented by the divine Mind. Using this point of view removes the lies.

Virtually the entire world, however does believe the lies, the distortions created by human sense. It sees this distorted human mind view of man, and mistakenly believes it to be God's image, not realizing that human thought and belief have introduced erroneous distortions to the picture. The world believes that the ugly images it sees through human sense need to be worked on. The real solution lies in ceasing to look through human sense, and seeing instead with divine understanding. Because the world is convinced that what it sees is true, it invents intricate and complex technical medical methods to fight that which it does not understand - namely, the deception of evil, lies contrary to God's loving nature and principle.

Realize that, and understand yourself to be God's image. When you feel it, it becomes experience.

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