Monday, December 5, 2011

Your Mind cannot be compromised

By Anthony Whitehouse CS

We are always going to have an experience and a mind which either malfunctions or is subject to the vagaries and the misfortunes common to human existence until we figure out that that the mind we have cannot be compromised.

As long as we think we have a personal private mind then that mind can be compromised because we see it as OUR mind and therefore capable of being compromised.

However when we realize that Mind is God and not really capable of being reduced to personal sense then that Mind and all its faculties just cannot be compromised. It cannot malfunction because what we are operating with IS God.

If this is not our experience it is solely because we entertain the belief that Mind is capable of being compromised. Obviously it is not but the belief would hold otherwise and as a result we suffer the consequences.

So “ rise in the strength of Mind to reject all that is unlike God” and you will experience your new found understanding in a Mind that cannot be compromised .
It also helps to digest that Hassidic maxim that God cannot be served without Joy. The Hassidim go as far as to say it is a SIN to serve God without Joy. When you understand you have a mind that cannot be compromised you will necessarily have a much greater sense of joy about life.

So if you are struggling with a so called unhealed issue or incurable disease, abject poverty or a life full of pain just consider this simple fact: These things are but the product of the false belief that Mind can be compromised. It cannot be because Mind is God.

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