Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Still

By Yvonne Renoult

Christmas is here. 

Not just in the merriment and shopping rush. 

        or the Christmas parties and musical gatherings; 

But it is the quiet babe of healing to a world of sorrow. 

It is a revelation of an eternal gift,

not a birth of a savior

       that was absent and now appears. 

The illusions of materialism cannot hide it.  

Dark voices of false authority say in my head:

“there is no room for this precious and powerful gift

in the busy “inn” called your life. 

“You are too filled up with material demands

to make room for and to experience this message of peace, wholeness, contentment, inspiration, and spiritual sense.” 

Yet the birth of this meek idea gently persists--never stopping its mission

                    to bless me. 

There is only the most meager accommodations in my thought

          for this profound blessing.

          So ill prepared am I.

          So over-whelmed by responsibilities and obligations. 

Still the sweet idea designed to deliver me from limitation comes yet. 

Although hid in deep obscurity,

not advertised in boisterous sound bites, billboards, or social media,

                   Yet the “wiseman” in me still seeks and finds this hidden gift. 

                    The meek “shepherd” in me still sees the symbols of glorious light

                                that indicate its holy resting place. 

                    Still the songs of angel messages communicate a spiritual sense

                                within me. 

I am guided to the humble “manger” in thought

          in spite of the limitations and obstacles

          trying to prevent the birth of this promise to my life and to my world. 

The whole of creation responds and receives its grace

    not even knowing the Christmas stillness that quietly moves it. 

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