Monday, March 19, 2012

Either supremacy or anarchy

Anthony Whitehouse CS

Christian Science presents you with a rather stark choice but one that we have to make. It falls out of the realisation that God is supreme, that there is no other power and no other state of affairs than absolute perfection and complete harmony. This is the nature of God and His nature is supreme.. i.e above all and totally pervasive. The problem for the human mind is that it suffers from the belief that this is not actually true and as a result it experiences anarchy. I must add that the delusion that God is not actually supreme can only exist as a delusion. It can never be a reality. Does not Mrs Eddy say " All that really exists is the Divine Mind and its idea... "

So this is our choice. Either we take on board and understand that God ( Love, truth , serenity , peace etc) really are supreme or we must live with the opposite ... anarchy. When seen in this llight we realise we don't actually have a choice.

It may not be that we are able to totally digest the full impact of this realisation but this is not important. What is critical is that we see how important to destroy the belief in something less than supremacy and work to establish the sense of God's supremacy. We can then usher in the millenium albeit 12 years late !

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