Monday, March 26, 2012

Your freedom cannot be compromised

By Anthony Whitehouse CS

It is probably clear to anyone that if one had a perfect sense of liberty and freedom one would be in the kingdom of heaven. That sense of freedom would involve a sense of freedom from poverty, sin, compromise, error, malice etc., so that irrespective of the challenge before us we would never lose that sense of freedom. We would be in that place which was totally free of any sense of being constrained by anything. We would have that sense of heaven which freedom entails.

So if we are going to experience the opposite of that sense of total freedom i.e. hell, then evil, personal sense, error etc., is obviously going to come up with a set of circumstances which seem to compromise freedom. Usually it looks like an incurable disease, or an insurmountable problem. But actually the issue we really have to deal with is neither the insurmountable problem nor the incurable disease; it is simply the sense that our freedom can be compromised. It cannot be!

In fact this issue is the sum total of the challenge in Divine Science, because it applies equally to men and women of all religions and all works of life.

It is in fact a law of God, a principle of Divine Science that there is no such thing as compromise and lack of freedom because the nature of God is infinity and infinity is an integral component of freedom which is incapable of being constrained.

However we cannot really take this freedom on board until we see how good evil and error are at presenting scenarios which seek to fetter that sense of freedom. Take for example someone living in a deprived neighborhood, living on a pension and facing a health issue. What is the real issue here? It is not really the circumstances but the whole construct of the scenario is saying to that individual, “You have nowhere to go! You have no freedom, you are constrained. You cannot escape this horror.” The mesmerism is complete. But what is compromised here is not really the individual. What is compromised is the sense of freedom and this is actually of far greater consequence than what appears as the physical constraints, because a sense of freedom is one of the primal qualities of Spirit, God. So if our sense of freedom has been compromised we are effectively cut-off from God and of the two challenges that is by far the greater sin. If we lose our sense of freedom we have effectively lost our sense of God: that is hell and purgatory, all rolled up in one.

So, if we are going to be effective healers, effective spiritual scientists it is critical we never allow thought to lose that sense of freedom. We need to be very wary of any circumstances which are trying to tell us that we are compromised.

What is so interesting in this whole issue is that the word free comes from an Indo-European root meaning “to love”. So, it is not hard to see that God, love MUST necessarily involve a sense of freedom. It obviously follows that if we lose a sense of freedom our ability to love is compromised at the same time. Neither can we say that we love God if we entertain the idea that we, as the expression of God, can have our sense of freedom compromised.

It is also true to say that we can never have any sense of joy without an inherent sense of freedom. How can we entertain joy if we feel that we can be taken hostage by fortune? Belief in the vagaries of chance would certainly do that.
Our sense of freedom must also necessarily entail that others cannot have their freedom curtailed either. One can imagine walking down the street and seeing someone with a disability and passing the thought “ There is no freedom here”. In today’s current climate of hedonism one could also be forgiven for entertaining the idea that others have been mesmerized into forsaking church worship or their freedom to worship God has been curtailed. But that would involve us in entertaining thoughts that mankind is NOT free to worship God. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We cannot call ourselves children of God and entertain any notion that man is not free to do his duty otherwise our own sense of freedom ( and love ) is necessarily compromised.

It often appears to us that others are behaving in a loveless and hateful manner towards us. We can turn these traits on their head by insisting that that these people are both free of such unloving traits and their ability or freedom to act in a loving, intelligent and cooperative manner cannot be compromised. It is our sense of freedom which heals the situation.

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