Sunday, April 1, 2012

God has no sense of challenge

By Anthony Whitehouse CS

One of the great illuminations of spiritual sense comes from the realisation that the Mind of God experiences no sense of challenge. The human mind often has a sense of challenge. Money, stress, illness all represent a challenge to the human mind.

So what is the real challenge when we have a problem? The problem or the belief in challenge? Careful consideration of the issue will allow thought to realize that the belief in challenge is the actual issue to be dealt with. 

The Mind of God is a challenge free zone. Does not Mrs. Eddy tells us that “There are no contests for the Gabriel of His presence”. 

It is interesting to realize that the word challenge and the word calumny have the same root. That really takes some thinking about.

So rather than thinking that we have a hill to climb, it really does makes sense to realize that there is no hill. That also takes some thinking about. 

Evil or error always has to appear as a challenge. It has to be a Goliath. Unless it appears as a challenge it will not be taken seriously. So we must not stand aghast at nothingness. Rather than standing aghast we must just take on board the divine realization: we exist in a challenge free zone. 

We just cannot have spiritual sense or a conception of the what the Divine Mind is like unless, like the Divine Mind, we have a cognizance of there being nothing “ out there “ to give us a hard time. God, is the Only Entity so the Divine Mind, the All in All has no sense of challenge. We, as His image and likeness must reflect the same sense of being.

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