Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Trial and Error

By D. Michael Day

In the chapter on Christian Science Practice, Mrs. Eddy gives us the allegory of a trial. It occurred to me we might look at this from a different perspective and gain another valuable insight to be certain we are using our free time wisely.

Suppose you wake up in the morning exhibiting all the symptoms of a cold. We don’t have to list them, but we know what they are. Here is where we have to choose sides and our immediate choice is extremely important. Consider yourself at the accident scene and you are collecting the evidence. Have we “scene” error or choose to un-see it?

If this were a crime scene you expect it will go to trial and immediately start to work on the side of the defense or the prosecution/persecution, whichever side you want to win. Whichever provides overwhelming evidence usually wins.

If you immediately complain about the symptoms (how you feel, how the symptoms are affecting you, how they will continue to negatively affect you and others as you go on to your daily activities) you have already enlisted on the side of the prosecution/persecution. If you try to recall what you did to bring this on (I didn’t get enough sleep, I was out in the rain yesterday and got cold, I slept in the air conditioning, I was around what’s his face and got it from him, I didn’t wash my hands properly, etc. etc.) you effectively are pleading guilty to the crime and must automatically accept the punishment of the court without contest. You are arguing against yourself and thus divided you cannot win.

After you have admitted to the crime, it’s difficult to go back and plead not guilty, calling a defense attorney to represent you throughout the upcoming trial. You have already given the prosecution a motive and opportunity. In fact you have given your adversaries everything necessary to prosecute/persecute you. And you probably did all this in the first 60 seconds of noticing the symptoms. Creating a mess is much easier than having to clean it up. Ask any kid.

Then you come to your senses and say, wait, I am a Christian Scientist and I know how to handle this.  How much longer and harder are you going to have to work to defend your thinking against that first 60 seconds of self-condemnation? A stitch in time saves nine - Ben Franklin. How much more difficult have you made it for your defense attorney to overturn all the evidence you handed over to the prosecution on a silver platter? Error is the “charger” and this is not the time to lose your head. Even John the Baptist didn’t carry his own silver platter knowing the consequences error can adjudicate.

Remember you may continue to suffer with the symptoms as long as it takes to be proven not guilty. Thus you submit to be punished in advance, even before the trial begins and all during the trial, if you concur with the false belief that the symptoms will prevent you from going about your daily activities, even worse, that you are contagious (mentally or physically) to others and must avoid them. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure - ditto Franklin.

So the next time mortal mind wants to convince you that something is wrong based on error’s symptoms, remember your Miranda rights*, watch what you unwittingly claim for yourself (about yourself) and consult your defense attorney immediately,  Hymn 80, line 1 reminds us “God is our refuge and defense,”. This is like having an attorney in the family and since He is our refuge, our habitation, where we live, we don’t have to go anywhere to find Him. Instant access.

Don’t straddle the fence when you’re on trial, you want all your efforts to be on the side of the defense, not the offense.

Never admit guilt or make statements against your best interests, including mental statements since all is Mind and therefore mental statements are the most powerful. Deny error now and you won’t commiserate in misery with it later.

* What Are Your Rights? It requires that error’s symptoms (the first agent of the prosecution on the scene of the crime) advise you of certain facts before questioning you. You have the right “and ability” to remain silent. Anything you admit (submit to error) is used against you. You have the right to have a lawyer of Love present during questioning and one can be appointed for you. Get the best one, know your rights and stick to them rights so you won’t be left to struggle alone.

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