Thursday, October 15, 2015

Your Job is to Mirror Me

By Anthony Whitehouse CS

That is to say that you are to have no thoughts of your own but to reproduce and show forth my thinking rather than being concerned about your own situation.

You must be my image and likeness but you will not be that you if you are preoccupied with yourself.
To mirror forth my Mind, to the be the Christ you must faithfully reflect My being. To be my mirror, to be My likeness means only showing forth the nature of My being.

A perfect mirror does just that. It reproduces exactly the model before it. It has not concerns of its own. It possesses nothing of its own. Its only preoccupation is reproduction.

Many would like to emulate the Christ and heal the way that he healed but few are ready to abandon their own thoughts and preoccupations. That was the genius of both Jesus and Mrs Eddy. Total sublimation of self. Their only concern was to mirror forth the beauty they saw in the Divine Mind.

Authors note : After writing this note I realised that we do not do a good job of mirroring the Divine nature because we are too preoccupied with human concerns. Of course, the issue here is that such preoccupation , being mesmerism, stops the mirroring activity.

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