Sunday, May 5, 2019

Awake From The Adam Dream

By Ken G. Cooper

This mortal body is not me,
Indeed, it simply cannot be!
Matter clearly cannot define
My life in God that is divine.

And as strong sun dispels all mist,
In Spirit matter can’t exist!
God is Spirit, everywhere!
Sin, Sickness, Death, just can’t appear!
They simply aren’t in God’s pure thought -
For He made all, in Spirit wrought!

In Spirit, all is ONE with Thee:
When we look up You’re what we see!
The Adam dream is broken, bust,
It’s full of lies, just mist and dust!

Awake dear hearts, awake, see ALL, 
In lifting up one cannot fall.
God is our Lord, in Him we move,
Oh, sing with joy and God’s Love prove!

“Awake, awake; Shake thyself from the dust; Isaiah 52:1 (to 1st;) 2(to ;).
“ I will extol thee, o Lord; for thou hast lifted me up,” (Psalms 30:1 (to 2nd ,).

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©Ken G Cooper 2019                                                                                   
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