Monday, June 18, 2018

“DNA” OR “I AM”?

By Ken Cooper

Do you believe in DNA, in stem research and cloning?
Why then, dear friend, each time you do, it’s matter you’re enthroning!
What begins will surely end, mortal mind is limitation:
The Adam dream exactly that, - no spiritual foundation!

It might make sense, as Darwin thought, that life emerged from water,
But why start off with this false view, with no before or after!
DNA, Do Not Accept, every start will have its ending,
“I AM.” Infinite Almighty Mind, My Truth always trending!

God is All, complete, right now, for perfection can’t diminish.
Our present is unlimited; “now” has no start or finish.
Life is man’s being, timeless, true! God’s kingdom here within you,
And I rejoice in God’s pure love, for “I AM” does continue!

©Ken Cooper 2018

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