Saturday, June 2, 2018

No mere words


  1. ---- The Backstory ----

    While thinking about Father's Day a story crossed my path. It was a remarkable story of a San Diego dad named Frank, who would wait for his son's return no longer. So, he left his home and family to go to Denver's "Land of the Gadarenes" where his son lived on the street. His hope was to find him, to join him on the street and to invite him to come home.

    Arriving in Denver, Frank found his son with the help of a Pastor who served the houseless and soon began living with his son as a fellow Gadarene. Very quickly, he learned things that those who serve the street people of Denver and other places never even wonder about -- life on the street after offices and soup-kitchens close for the day/week and being nobody to or shunned by everybody else...

    For more about this true story, see the link below. But be forewarned, the report may be too raw for you, dear reader -- having taken the warning seriously, I have not read, watched or heard the full report.

    My poem, "No mere words," is about the unbridled courage and love of a father-dad who would leave all to search for his lost or prodigal child. He, like Frank, would drink the dregs like our Master in order to find and free his beloved child, his son, his daughter.

    Although the cross our Lord carried was far heavier than one carried by any father-dad, Frank effectively demonstrates the immense challenge and high cost of unselfed love.

    Love God, without reserve and love your neighbor as yourself is the Law and the Prophets.


    “I’ll be with you, every minute of the day“ news report in print and audio with links to the June 5th public reading of the father's journal:

    Frank's journal is not for those who easily stand aghast at error.

  2. No mere words --

    I pondered...
    what is a father?
    what is a dad?

    it seems...
    a father is a fact
    a dad is an experience

    a dad cannot wait
    a dad lives self-sacrifice
    a dad reflects Love in loving

    a dad is crazy for his "kid"
    a dad forgets all to run to him
    before he can see him

    @stcharlescs ©2018



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