Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Reading Room or Sheepfold?

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  1. While prayerfully considering Christian Science Reading Rooms and their varied visitors, one citation stood out to me in the June 17 CSBL:

    I, even I, will both
    search my sheep, and
    seek them out. I will
    feed my flock, and I will
    cause them to lie down, saith the Lord God. And I will
    make them and the places round about my hill
    a blessing; ~(26) Ezekiel 34:11.15


    I, even I,... (Principle, Mind)
    search my sheep... (survey, discern)
    seek them out... (reach out, invite)
    feed my flock... (nurture, teach)
    cause them to lie down... (safe, protected)
    make them... (order, render )
    a blessing; (holy, gift)

    My response:

    Reading Room or Sheepfold?

    A Reading Room is
    like a sheepfold with
    Christ, the Shepherd,
    faithfully at its door
    washing, loving, healing
    each sheep that enters.

    The Attendant
    is first to enter
    is first to find
    the Shepherd
    with rod and staff,
    feeding His flock,
    maintaining His fold,
    guarding, guiding
    thru day and night.

    Fear not, dear one,
    attend to the work
    that is yours to do.

    Attend with JOY!

    ~Carolyn StCharles

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