Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ever Truth's River

By Ken G. Cooper


Luke 13:11-13


Eighteen long years, each that much worse than the last,
I’m bowed down to the ground, in sickness held fast.
I crave to be healed but have nowhere to go.
Whatever I do is both painful and slow.
I believed in God, but the years took their toll,
He’s left me to suffer; He’s leaving me ill.
Each hour, each minute, there is no hope to give.
I keep asking myself, “Just why should I live?”


Deep in my consciousness I feel someone call
A nudging awareness that this wasn’t all.
A spiritual sensation floods my being,
A Love so pure it is quite beyond seeing.
I turn my head sideways and see this dear man
He calls me towards him; I know that I can.
I sense only Love and forget about me.
“Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity.”


His hands reach out and I feel Truth touch my soul
I’m now standing beside him, upright and whole!
The pain from the past has just dropped from my thought
The sheer joy of freedom the Christ has now wrought.
He holds my hands firmly, looks deep in my eyes:
Beholding perfection, I now realise
God loves me as made me, this fact always see:

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©Ken G Cooper 2019                           

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