Tuesday, January 29, 2019

PETER’S ESCAPE Acts 12 1-17

By Ken G. Cooper

James beheaded, now Herod’s captured me,
I clink strong chains in my captivity.
I see the guards in this my hideous cell.
Despite this gloom I trust that all is well!

I have faith-followed Jesus Christ my Lord,
I must survive, fulfil his promised word.
Our church must prove that right wins over wrong:
When all is dismal, that’s when we stay strong!

Jesus said that perfect love removeth fear,
So I must love, even though I’m stuck in here.
To human eyes there really is no hope -
I’m due to die tomorrow. God can cope!

I look on my guards, feel no enmity,
The power of Love embraces them and me.
I fall asleep content that God does care,
My final thoughts at one with Him, in prayer.

God sends His angel, gives my thought a shake,
I rise up quickly, strangely wide-awake.
Feeling His presence, man as spiritual,
My freedom not in doubt, but something actual.

The two cold chains that bound me clunk down upon the floor,
I gird myself as bidden, walk past the open door,
The first and second wards pass by, guards all fast asleep,
The iron gate just opens, no longer can me keep.

I think of all the miracles Jesus had performed,
And thank the God Almighty my life has been transformed:
This was proof so positive that man has liberty,
That man was made to glory God, that man is always free!

I made my way to Mary’s house along the empty street,
And knock the door and call “It’s Me!”, to all my brethren greet.
Despite their prayers they doubted that it was me safe and sound;
I knocked and called and called and knocked until they gave me ground.

We sang and praised and shared these prayers, that when we call on Thee,
We prove that Truth that Jesus said would make all men be free.
Despite all damning evidence, we’d proved that when we prayed,
Love had already answered, and our love for each had saved. 

Listen! Hear His angels! Fast hold them to your side!
Feel their ever-presence, to comfort, guard and guide.
They meet our needs as needed : false chains fall away!
Love’s angel thoughts are here and guiding us each day.

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©Ken G Cooper 2019                           
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