Tuesday, January 29, 2019


By Ken G. Cooper

(Psalm 23; Luke 15; John 10:1-30)

I turned off from the beaten track; I thought it would be fun.
I let wild instincts take control, lost sight of everyone.
It really did not matter that I headed off alone,
I thought I’d found a freedom new, so far away from home.
But then the shadows lengthened long, and doubt it filled my heart: Perhaps I should head back to base, but what direction start?

I love My flock, I know it well, each one is dear to Me,
I keep My watch on each of them, as far as I can see.
I’ve let them wander in My love and now, as good as gold,
I count them back at My command into their home and fold.
But there’s one short! I know which one, - yes, I will seek him out! For I AM Love; I don’t give up and will succeed, no doubt!

I am quite lost. I’ve gone astray, just where am I to go?
I’ve gone so far from where I should, I shan’t be found, I know.

No matter where this lamb has gone, My Love is everywhere,
And Love will show Me where to look - and make My path quite clear.

My hope has gone, what can I do? I call out to be found.
I didn’t think it possible - I hear my Shepherd’s sound!

I know each lamb, I call its name, and he knows My voice,
And on my shoulder gently laid, both he and I rejoice!

Back in the fold I leap and skip, and know true harmony:
I’d gone astray, Love brought me back, and now I’m fully free!

It does not matter where you are , what desperate things you’ve done: My Love is unconditional - I love you as my Son.

I feel Your goodness holding me, my cup You ever fill,
For I DO DWELL IN PERFECT LOVE as I reflect Thy will.

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©Ken G Cooper 2018                         
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