Monday, April 15, 2019

Two Lives Touch at Gethsemane

By Ken G. Cooper

[Luke 22:47-51]

Malchus: A servant of the high priest,
I know what needs to be done: Obedience to Moses is a must for everyone.
I’ve heard this Jesus preaching, and he’s got some way-out views, 
His arrest and certain capture will be for us good news.

Peter: A disciple of the Nazarene, I’ve known the Lord three years
And in this time, I’ve known true joy and vanquishment of fears.
I’ve seen the miracles he’s done, together miles we’ve trod,
I really do believe he is the Christ, the Son of God.

Malchus: We’re on his trail, a multitude with staves and ready sword;
That Judas will betray him when he seeks to kiss his Lord.
I’m walking right behind him, when we reach Gethsemane,
I feel a premonition this is living history.

Peter: Jesus had been praying, I saw the heavy sweat on brow.
I wish I could support him, but I really don’t know how.
He looked so disappointed that good watch we had not kept,
I’ll recall to my dying day when needed I just slept.

Malchus: The crowd of us march through the gate and see a group of men
They look at us with great alarm, apart from one, serene.
Judas walks right up to him and gives us his signal clear,
I’m right behind and grab this man that simply shows no fear.

Peter: Jesus, look out! This multitude’s arrayed to do you harm.
How can you be so peaceful when they grab you by the arm?
I failed you when I slept so sound, this time I’ll use my sword,
I raise my weapon aim and strike, defending thus my Lord.

Malchus: I see too late this man approach, and though I weave and duck,
 I feel sharp pain and disbelief! I realize I’ve been struck!

Peter: My bloodied sword is raised again to strike down from above,
When Jesus speaks, so calm and sure, and fills the place with Love:

“Suffer ye thus far.” 

Malchus: His hand outstretched with love in thought, while mine had been to harm.
His gentle touch compassionate, I feel true love, so warm.

Peter: Now clearly seen, my anger and my selfish thoughts so wrong.
I drop my sword upon the ground, his peacefulness so strong.

Malchus: The anger melts, the pain has gone. It seems that time stands still.
He looks at me with loving eyes, at me who planned to kill!

Peter: I am amazed! The man I struck looks at the Lord with awe,
And I kneel in recognition that love, not hate, does more.

Malchus: I touch my head, my ear restored. This is no phantom healing.
 What he’s been preaching he’s just proved! True love to me revealing.
With gentleness I lead him on, his love is still around me,
I glance behind; and my heart goes out, forgiving instantly.

Peter: He looks at me with fleeting glance; I feel Christ-love reach out.
I answer back with open arms and wondrous wordless shout.
I feel a bond between us, both touched by a love so pure:
And see, with Christ, that all are one. And Love is evermore.

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©Ken G Cooper 2019                                                                                   
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