Thursday, January 9, 2020

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God

By Coreen R. Walson

We are asked to overlook the false appearances introduced through physical sense testimony, because right where sin and it’s formations boast themselves, we are taught of Jesus that the Kingdom of Heaven is right there, “at hand”. We live and move and have our being in Him, God.
Yet we don’t experience this infinite goodness because our fears and judgments are the ego’s defense from experiencing this Kingdom right here and now. We cannot experience Omnipresent God while running this line of defense against God.

Our Brother is the Christ. He is One with the Father as you are also. Are you not experiencing and seeing this everywhere? We cannot see the Christ right where are Brother stands while we entertain fears and judgments against him. Jesus looked right past all false appearances and tells us how we can do this too, indeed must.

Jesus commanded that we WILL see the Truth, God, only when we are pure in heart. It is not enough simply to intellectually understand that Reality is behind all false appearances. We must STRIVE to enter into the Kingdom, we must desire it MORE than we want the experience of orphan hood from the Father and our Brother.

Jesus tells us that in order to see beyond the illusion of separation is to be pure in heart. What is this purity?

Purity is defined as free from contamination or mixture.

This translates into having a heart or love that is free from mixture, uncontaminated by ego thought and fears. It is the Perfect Love that Jesus tells us casts out fear. If fear is the foundation to all our problems, how important, no, crucial is it to desire this purity of heart above all else?

The good news is that this Purity is our native state, it is what we are already, we are the image and likeness, the offspring and children of Divine Love itself. We are not required to attain this purity but only to remove all the fearful, false beliefs we tried to add to ourselves in order to hide our purity from our awareness.

As we refuse the false testimony of material sense regardless of the form, recognizing that it is all the same because serving the same purpose, we turn to Holy Spirit and/or Jesus and ask that the Kingdom of Heaven be revealed to us instead.

We are promised that in proportion to our DESIRE for the Kingdom of Heaven, we are purified from the mixture of fear and Love. We will consistently choose to see, do, speak and extend with Holy Spirit. In this purity we WILL see God and His Creation, right here, at hand, where it eternally is.

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