Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Widow of Nain - Weep Not

By Ken G. Cooper

[Luke 7:11-16]

It’s been long years since my husband died
The flowing tears that cried and cried;
The bringing up of our lovely lad
The only thing that kept me glad.

But Oh, dear God, just what is your plan
That I be robbed of my young man?
The deep well of tears that had been dried
Now refilled and my faith sore tried.

Look, my little lad is laid down low
On bitter bier that moves so slow.
Midst torrid heat and the black-dressed flies,
The wailing throng around me cries.

As I walk in step with broken heart,
A sudden feeling makes me start;
I look up and my gaze is quick led
To a white-robed man straight ahead.

How to I explain what I now so feel?  
His look so loving, calm, and real.
Compassion o’erflowing, reaching me;
“Weep not” a command, not empty plea!

Deep grief swept away by tangible Love,
Expectancy strong with this saint from above;
He walks with assurance, touches the bier:
The procession stops from front to rear.

I feel new hope, can this be true?
His perfect Love changing my view!
A future free from barren strife;
A Love that is Eternal Life.

He looks at my son, Love in his eyes:
“Young man, I say unto thee, arise!” 
This is not now a foolish word,
I see it’s death that is absurd!

My son sits up from where he laid dead
The bier is no more a mortal bed.
My son is risen, whole and free!
I see Life, immortality!

The white robed man helps him to get down
Holds our hands in the warmth of his own.
I hug my son tight, can’t let him go
Turn to his saviour and thank him so.

“Weep not!” This message is so strong,
For good is true and doubting wrong!
My life transformed in simple trust:
To follow Christ my humble must.

Weep not again, just shout with joy!
You’ve seen the proof, here is my boy!
God’s Love and Life encompass sight
When we are open to His light!

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©Ken G Cooper 2019                                                                                   
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