Tuesday, July 9, 2019

A Prayer For This Week (July 8 - 14, 2019)

By Prayerful Liviving

Father-Mother God, in spiritual communion I worship You.
I bow down and prostrate my human will to Your commands.
I am repentant for when I have ever doubted Your all-ness,
and for the occasions when I’ve missed the mark.
I sacrifice everything for the beauty of Your holiness.
I draw near to You, God. My desire is to grow in Your grace.
I am so thankful for the demonstration of your Truth,
I take in Your bread of heaven, I sip Your inspiration of Love.
I rise to the morning meal of the revealed truth of Life everlasting.
Daily I strive to follow the example of the Master, Christ Jesus.
With humility and willingness I serve Your children here.
We are baptized into one body of Christ by You, Spirit.
I am totally devoted to You, Lord.
And so it is, Amen.

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