Sunday, July 28, 2019

Lessons in Love from a Local Tree

By Ken C. Cooper

The girth of this tree was some four-foot wide,
It had magnificence it could not hide.
I looked up at the branches proud ’gainst skies,
Felt the sheer beauty transcend just my eyes.
The wind was blowing, ’twas more than a gale,
Its might ’gainst this tree did strongly assail!
The trunk’s mighty top bent with the brute force:
The girth by my face moved not from its source:
For wide-ranging roots descended at length:
Its deep-seated foundation gave it strength.

It made me think of the tempests I faced,
My faith which buffeting blasts had displaced:
Like leaves and twigs blown right off from the tree
I was starting to doubt my right to be.
But the trunk had not broken: stood secure, -
Felt safe in saying “Come on, I’ll take more!!”
I just had to send my roots down more deep,
Reach unto God, true foundation to keep.

Love was there holding the roots of my being,
Enveloping all, and confidence freeing!
And just like the tree that refused to move,
Knew myself rooted and grounded in Love*.

As trees in this forest all played their part.
I suddenly saw that Christ dwelt in each heart:
No exceptions existed for Love held all,
We were one family, with Love, walking tall!
And when we’re together we show that we care -
Our love it just shines, and lights everywhere!

The beauty we have is Love shown and declared.
It cannot be helped! Love’s naturally shared.

I look once more, see the tree waving about,
And know for certain, and without any doubt,
That it was God’s love that created the tree,
And it is God’s love that created me:
So that is my nature, it’s just how I live,
And at one with Love’s world, what joy is to give!

* See Ephesians 3:17

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©Ken G Cooper 2019                                                                                   
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