Tuesday, June 18, 2019


By Alexis Wittman

He who was LIFE itself
Had to agree to die
To be the opposite of itself
The white and the black
The loss, and leaving
The willingness to be human
Not towering over all
As the bright and shining light
But to be shadow
To brave it all
In doing so
In God’s will
The cup so bitter
The loss so eternal
The leaving body behind
Willing to ascend or descend
To retrieve every lost soul
Every sheep to his shoulder

So his tears at Lazarus’ tomb
So the tears at Gethsemane
So the tears for all humanity
So for himself as well.
Leaving mother + brother + Mary
Joanna behind
Behind Him
As he faced God
His royal father
His governing mother
Leaving the world
From the cross
Explaing our own pain away
By his own experience
Our own
Our loss -- his
Our grief -- his
Our pain -- his
Our life -- his
Our union --- one
At last.

01 February, 2019

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